Bringing the optimal solution for every business

Know-how and experience, craftmanship elaboration and true passion for well-done work.
We elaborate fourth and fifth food, for efficient management in the hospitality industry.

Professionals and chefs from the sector come together to create a fresh, creative and multicultural brand, without giving up the authenticity of tradition and the passion for haute cuisine. We know the needs of the market, which is why we produce and distribute a wide variety of food and haute cuisine products, under the long vacuum cooking process. Our intention is to facilitate the day-to-day life of your company’s kitchen, saving resources and increasing profitability, guaranteeing excellent textures, concentration of nutrients, outstanding flavours and a rapid standardization of the whole process.

Homemade, healthy, 100% natural takeaway food, prepared by our renowned chefs.

We open a new service in the kitchens of 3dePulpo, homemade food to take away. Selected products of the best quality, at the best price. We have cheap daily menus and dishes on request, for homes and companies, with special prices for groups. Handcrafted dishes, always taking maximum care of the quality of the raw material and with the touch of affection and good work of our chefs.

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