Leaders in the artisanal production and distribution of seafood products.

Specialists in supply the finest handcraft-cooked seafood products, making sure our customers have the perfect solution based on their preferences and needs.

Handcraft-cooked Seafood in Madrid

3 de Pulpo, is a company with more than 30 years of familiy tradition, led now by two colleagues, Pilar and Miryam, who came up with the brilliant idea of becoming pulpeiras 10 years ago.

They are not Galician, but the job of cooking octopus has come to Pilar since she was a child. Pilar´s father was one of the pioneers in providing best quality artisanal cooked seafood to the best Madrid restaurants 30 years ago.

From the day, Don Joaquín started cooking octopus until today, countless new seafood cookers have emerged. However, our way of cooking it, like the first day “artisanal” and the quality of the selected raw material, positions us currently as one of the best suppliers of cooked octopus and other top-quality seafood in Spain.

Our mission is to bring the most demanding customers, the best quality seafood products, whilst guaranteeing the optimum level of conservation and sustainability throughout the process.

3dePulpo has wanted to continue with the family tradition

But incorporating the advantages of innovation, to serve premium octopus as freshly cooked.

Success is achieved with effort, and it is not easy in such a short journey to be able to say that 3 de Pulpo is recognized for serving the best national chefs and more than 1,000 restaurants throughout Spain. Currently, the exceptional reception of its products leads 3dePulpo, to start its internationalization process.

Much of this success is due to the use of excellent quality raw material. The Dakhla Octopus (East Central Atlantic, FAO 34), is recognized as the best octopus worldwide.

Our main value are people

We make sure to work as a team and maintain a decent, safe and healthy work environment.


  • We create committed work teams, through continuous training and the employment of qualified professionals in accordance with our continuous improvement aims and innovation in all our processes.
  • We promote and carry out numerous actions to ensure the health and well-being of all our staff.
  • We defend sustainable development and labour equality, which is why more than 70% of our workforce are women and people at risk of exclusion.

Fully committed to quality and sustainability

We work to keep up with the most demanding regulations regarding quality standards. Our goal is to align our traceability system with the procedures established by the main internationally validated organizations for food standardization and safety.

Likewise, as part of our commitment to the preservation and care of ecosystems, sustainable management is in mind throughout the life cycle of the product from fishing, the resources optimization for its production and finally, its distribution.

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