Artisanal High quality precooked Octopus, prepared with the best raw material

Specialized in precooked octopus in its own juice

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Proud to deliver the World´s Best High Quality Octopus

Dakhla Octopus, International Recognition.

The Dakhla Octopus differs from the rest for its excellent quality, with a diet based on clams and crustaceans. Dakhla Octopus, fished and frozen daily with artisanal techniques, is the most prestigious Moroccan variant of octopus worldwide. For this reason, at 3dePulpo we choose this unique raw material, to make a cooked octopus of exceptional quality, ready to eat.

Vacuum cooked octopus

Tradition, innovation and specialization.

Without losing the family tradition, at 3 de Pulpo we are always searching for improvements and innovation, keeping in mind our essence, an artisan and meticulous preparation of our products. This is how we get a high quality octopus, cooked under vacuum in its own juice. Through this rigorous and artisan process, we have developed a system to cook the octopus to the optimal point of flavour and texture, keeping intact the original properties and the nutritional qualities of the freshly cooked octopus. Our method, in addition to enhancing the qualities of the octopus, allows us to extend its useful life, without any type of artificial additive, for a minimum of 45 days.

Pulpo cocido al vacío

Tradición, innovación y especialización.

Sin perder la tradición familiar, hemos apostado por la innovación, manteniendo muy presente nuestra esencia; una elaboración artesanal y cuidada de nuestro producto. Así, conseguimos un pulpo de alta calidad, cocido al vacío en su propio jugo. Este proceso, nos permite conservar intactas las cualidades nutricionales del pulpo, reforzando su sabor y punto exacto de textura. Nuestra metodología además de potenciar las cualidades del pulpo, permite prologar su vida útil, sin ningún tipo de aditivo artificial, durante un mínimo de 45 días.

Finest Premium Seafood

Premium raw material, with no artificial additives, cooked to the optimal point of flavour and texture, ready to eat.

Finest Premium Seafood

Premium raw material, with no artificial additives and at the exact point of flavour and texture.

Quality and Sustainability screening

Strict food safety and sustainability standards throughout the production chain.

We are concerned about the strict compliance with international food standards. Our production and quality teams work to ensure safety and traceability controls for our products in accordance with ISO regulations. We are currently in the process of certification according to IFS, BRC and MSC regulations, to guarantee quality, traceability and sustainability, in the international launch of our products.

Sustainable and selective fishing

Commitment to sustainability.

We choose our suppliers rigorously. Our octopus comes from artisanal fishing, with traps and small boats. We catch only those specimens that meet the appropriate size and are outside their breeding season. We are aware of the damage to ecosystems that occurs with intensive and unsustainable fishing techniques. As lovers of the sea and its diversity, we have the ambition to continue bringing to our customers, for a long time to come, HIGH QUALITY, SUSTAINABLE AND ARTISAN COOKED SEAFOOD.

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